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Play these short vids to hear from professionals...

Professionals working with international students reflect upon their experiences, offering some key messages in relation to the issues they commonly encounter. They hope to encourage international students to speak up and reach for help earlier, to feel that they can approach services. 


Hearing directly from professionals helps to bring a human face to services, so that international students may know that caring and experienced professionals are out there and willing to help. 


The issues raised and messages given can inspire deeper reflection from all who work in this sector. 

Melanie Duncan is a Senior Consultant at DVE Business Solutions, who partner with universities and educational institutions to achieve better outcomes. She identifies in detail why and how international students are vulnerable, plus outlines what the many warning signs are that you’re at risk. She urges students to step forward straight away so that someone can advocate for you and understands that in times of trouble you may need to speak to someone in your own language/culture.

Dr Isabella Choi is a Clinical Psychologist and Researcher in International Student mental health. She gives an excellent overview of the warning signs that things aren’t going so well, and where to get good, confidential help, before your mental wellbeing is negatively affected. She also explains why you may feel you don’t want to reach out.

Sean Stimson from Redfern Legal Centre has some excellent information around visa concerns and what your rights are, from a legal perspective. Redfern Legal Centre offers free confidential legal advice for International Students.

Melissa de Silva is a Casework and Policy Officer on the Students' Representative Council at the University of Sydney. 

She gives an excellent overview of exactly what students go through and discusses the reasons students are reluctant to seek help. She has some great suggestions about who to talk to, and why students should speak to someone as soon you aren’t coping.

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