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Lived Experience Toolkit (LET)

Mental Health Support for International Students

The Lived Experience Toolkit (LET) has been developed with funding from a Study NSW Partner Projects 2021/22 grant to ISANA International Education Association who partnered with Story is Connection to develop mental health resources for international students in that state.


Grounded in the stories of nine international students studying in New South Wales, 'LET your story talk' showcases short films that reveal the challenges impacting their mental health and wellbeing.  Innovative and interactive, this toolkit aims to inspire conversation, normalise help seeking whilst destigmatizing 'mental health'.

Created by...

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ISANA is an association of Australian and New Zealand international education professionals whose members are dedicated to improving the international student experience through contributing to policy and practice.


ISANA members play a key role in:

  • leadership, promotion and advocacy of best practice standards in the service of international education;

  • the facilitation of relevant forums, training and information exchange for its membership

  • and the community; and

  • working in partnership with stakeholder organisations including international students,

  • educational, government, business and community groups.

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Story is Connection has as its mission diversity in action through the language of theatre and film.  This unique creative process intersects art with international students’ personal experiences. 


SIC mobilises international students to connect to their own stories, to each other and to the wider community.  It’s about inspiring new understandings beyond prejudice, stimulating a richer cultural texture.

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